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  1. April 22, 2019

    RAM Memory Major Questions Answered:

     We at NEMIX Corp understand that RAM can be a little confusing at times and NEMIX wanted to be able to provide some common asked questions about your systems computer Random Access Memory.  

    How to know it’s time for a memory upgrade?


    There are multiple signs that can indicate it may be time to upgrade your memory. One key indicator is If you see your mouse pointer turn into an hourglass for an extended period of time, if you hear your hard drive running, or if your computer seems to work more slowly than you expect, the reason is probably insufficient memory. When physical memory is insufficient, the system uses Hard Disk Space as memory. This is called "Virtual Memory". Since access time of Physical memory is in tens of NanoSeconds and Access time of Hard Disk is in MilliSeconds, the system slows down considerably.

    Why Does the storage in RAM erase every time the

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  2. April 16, 2019

    NEMIX RAM RDIMM Memory Upgrade for Late 2013 Apple Mac Pro

    NEMIX RAM’s Memory Upgrade for Apple Mac Pro is the highest quality memory upgrade with the most aggressive pricing on the market for the Apple Mac Pro(6,1), NEMIX is the world’s leading manufacturer and direct distributor of Apple Mac Pro memory upgrades and meet expectation and standards guaranteed. With our memory upgrade improve your systems bandwidth and increase memory latency.

    The late 2013 Apple Mac Pro is configured with one of the following processors

    •  3.7GHz Quad-Core 
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