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  1. August 21, 2019


    Dell PowerEdge servers combine a highly scalable architecture and optimum balance of computer and memory to maximize performance across the widest range of applications. Since the introduction of the Generation 10 servers in 2007 Dell has adopted a standardized method for naming their servers; the name of each server is now represented by a letter followed by 3 digits. The letter indicates the type of server: R (for Rack-mountable) indicates a 19" rack-mountable server, M (for Modular) indicates a blade server, whilst T (for Tower) indicates a stand-alone server. This letter is then followed by 3 digits. The first digit refers to the number of sockets in the system: 1 to 3 for one socket, 4 to 7 for two sockets, and 8 or 9 for four sockets. The

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